Thanks For Pledging Your Birthday

Thanks for Pledging Your Birthday – What’s next?

We thank you immensely for Donating your Birthday. It will make your day so much more special.

What’s next?

We will create a special page for your birthday event (see a similar page), dedicated to you, and will send you a link to that page. Please share the link with your friends, and let them know you are Donating your Birthday gifts to a Romanian Orphan Kid. We will try to match you with someone that has the Birthday the same day with you.

Please fill in the form below: the reason you’d like to donate your birthday, and a picture of you. We will create the page shortly, and email the link to you. We will also share on our Facebook page that you donated your birthday (let us know if you don’t want that).

An example of the reason you donated is:

I have been blessed with two wonderful kids, a loving and supporting family, and an amazing group of friends. While I often try to reflect and count my blessings, I try to think of those who have been less fortunate.   We can put a smile on an orphan’s face and make their day special, and I hope you will consider helping me in that goal. That would definitely make my day more special and meaningful. Thank you for your generosity!”.

Please attach a picture – see an example here, or here on how the page will look for your Donate Your Birthday. 

[gravityform id=”2″ name=”Your Personal – Donate Your Birthday – Page”]

All the funds received go directly to Romanian Orphans. A part goes to the kid that you donated your birthday, and the rest goes to our other programs for helping Romanian orphans. To see pictures from one of the birthday parties, please check our blog, or this posts.

Anna, Amalia, Sarah and Helen

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