Birthdays donated by Cincinnati friends

February has been a month rich in birthdays, and in donations to Eastern Lighthouse. Dani Stancescu, Esmaralda Nastase and Victor Nichifor donated their birthdays, and all the donations will be put to good use. Thank you to all of you for the generous donations.

Thanks for your donations

2017 has been a great year for the orphan children of Sf. Ierarh Leontie, and a lot is due to you. Your donations helped celebrate the birthday of 135 children in the past year. For some of them, this was the first time in their lifetime when they had a group of friends gathered around a birthday cake,…Continue Reading…

January to May 2016 – Birthday Parties made possible with your donations

January to May 2016 – Birthday Parties made possible with your donations. Thanks for your kind contributions.  

St Leontie Orphanage featured on ProTV, a leading Romanian TV station

For the last two years we covered all the birthday parties for the children at the St Leontie orphanage (links to their Facebook page, and their website). Saint Hierarch Leontie orphanage, Radauti Translation from Romanian to English below, courtesy of Amalia Nichifor It is 6 o’clock on a chilly fall morning. Heading towards an open…Continue Reading…

August 2015 – Birthday Parties made possible with your donations

Birthday Parties in August 2015. A nice outing made possible by your donations. Thanks to Father Iustin for helping coordinate the project. 

July Birthday Parties made possible with your donations

Birthday Parties in July 2014 made possible by your donations. Thank you all for your support. You made a big difference on these children birthday.

The Delight of a Birthday

As Mother Teresa once said, “Let us always meet each other with a smile, for the smile is the beginning of love.”  The goals that we make are supposed to be reachable and attainable. That’s why Eastern Lighthouse has proposed the “90 Day Plan”. This plan was constructed to help E.L. reach out to at…Continue Reading…

The Experience of a Lifetime

This summer I had the experience of visiting a Romanian orphanage in Campina, Romania. The children at these orphanages ranged from six to seventeen years old, all from different families and backgrounds; some children truly were orphans, others had a tough home life that they needed to escape. But there was one thing that all…Continue Reading…

Washington DC Dinner with the US Ambassador to Romania, and a nice surprise

I had the pleasure of attending this Thursday a dinner in Washington DC with Mark Gitenstein, the US Ambassador to Romania. The Metropolitan club has a very strict policy on photos, so unfortunately no pictures to show. Our graceful hosts were Mark and Libby Gitenstein, and the very nice surprise was meeting Jim Rosapepe as…Continue Reading…

The Joy of Giving

A saintly monk once said that material gifts will bring human joy to those receiving them, but offering gifts will bring divine joy to the giver. Every day, in so many ways, there is opportunity for each of us to bring joy to another child and to experience life changing divine joy ourselves. I have…Continue Reading…