Welcome to Eastern Lighthouse – the premier Romanian Heritage Charity in US

EasternLighthouse.org, based in Cincinnati, Ohio, is the premier Romanian Heritage Charity in US, aiming to improve the lives of Romanian children. We pride ourselves on operating efficiently, and ensuring that 100% of the donations are making it to the children they were intended to help. Our volunteers donate their time, and there is no payment for the volunteering activities – truly 100% of the funds go to the Romanian children.

Our focus for Eastern Lighthouse continues to be our “Donate Your Birthday” Program. Via this program, we ensure that children in Romania have a birthday cake, and a small toy, for their birthday. For many of them, this is the first time they get their birthday celebrated.

Just for a second, think about it – your birthday: surrounded by friends and family, blowing the candle on the birthday cake, the gifts you receive. Many orphan kids never experienced that. Your gift of “Donate a birthday” can be as small as $10 ¬† – that will ensure a small gift and a birthday cake to someone that might have not experienced that share of love before.

Some words about our founders: Anna, Amalia, Sarah and Helen live in three corners of the Cincinnati metro area, but they have a thing in common: their parents were Romanian born. Now, they have one more thing in common, they are the founding members of eastern Lighthouse, a non profit created to help improve the lives of kids in Romania.

Donate money. 100% of them go to help orphan Romanian kids.

EasternLighthouse is a 501(c)(3) organization – a public charity, with the Tax ID 46-1823528. Contributions to EasternLighthouse are tax deductible under the section 170 of the Internal Revenue Code.

Anna, Amalia, Helen, and Sarah




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