EasternLighthouse.org, based in Cincinnati, Ohio, is the premier Romanian Heritage Charity in US, aiming to improve the lives of Romanian children. We pride ourselves on operating efficiently, and ensuring that 100% of the donations are making it to the children they were intended to help. Our volunteers donate their time, and there is no payment for the volunteering activities – truly 100% of the funds go to the Romanian children.

Our focus for Eastern Lighthouse continues to be our “Donate Your Birthday” Program. Via this program, we ensure that children in Romania have a birthday cake, and a small toy, for their birthday. For many of them, this is the first time they get their birthday celebrated.

Just for a second, think about it – your birthday: surrounded by friends and family, blowing the candle on the birthday cake, the gifts you receive. Many orphan kids never experienced that. Your gift of “Donate a birthday” can be as small as $10 ¬† – that will ensure a small gift and a birthday cake to someone that might have not experienced that share of love before.

Some words about our founders: Anna, Amalia, Sarah and Helen live in three corners of the Cincinnati metro area, but they have a thing in common: their parents were Romanian born. Now, they have one more thing in common, they are the founding members of eastern Lighthouse, a non profit created to help improve the lives of kids in Romania.

Donate money. 100% of them go to help orphan Romanian kids.


Interested in helping Romanian Orphan Kids?
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 EasternLighthouse is a 501(c)(3) organization Рa public charity, with the Tax ID 46-1823528. Contributions to EasternLighthouse are tax deductible under the section 170 of the Internal Revenue Code.
Anna, Amalia, Helen, and Sarah