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Have some books to spare? These kids will love them. Donate now. Learn How., based in Cincinnati, Ohio, is the premier Romanian Heritage Charity in US, aiming to improve the lives of Romanian children. We pride ourselves on operating efficiently, and ensuring that 100% of the donations are making it to the children they were intended to help.

Eastern Lighthouse just announced a new focus area for 2013, via the, which targets donating used and new frames and eye glasses to Romanian children. For 2014, we are launching a “Donate Your Birthday” Program.

Some words about our founders: Anna, Amalia, Sarah and Helen live in three corners of the Cincinnati metro area, but they have a thing in common: their parents were Romanian born. Now, they have one more thing in common, they are the founding members of eastern Lighthouse, a non profit created to help improve the lives of kids in Romania.

Sarah Sotropa, one of the founders says about the program : “There are children in Romania that cannot even see the blackboard, and that holds them back. The gift of better eyesight is something you can all do today. Recycle, and help the world’s children to see. Your old glasses no longer needed? Someone else will love them.”.

All the frames collected are donated to children in Romania, via an EasternLighhouse qualified network of ophthalmology labs. Local specialists are donating their time to the program, so public donations accompanying the frames are going directly to their purpose – helping children get a better eyesight.

At Eastern Lighthouse, we believe that everyone has the same opportunities.

Donate money. 100% of them go to help orphan Romanian kids.


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A kids smile is pure happiness.

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